MB AutoSet B4 HighFLEX


The autoSET B4 inserting system meets these changed market demands. High productivity, a wide range of formats and materials, the utmost flexibility in finishing as well as simple operation are the main characteristics of this line of inserters. The system layout is operator- friendly. A linear flow of documents without change of direction from the feeding system to the enveloping station is optimal for trouble-free operation of the system at high throughput. 


  • Touch-screen convenience
  • Automatic format setting
  • High-performance feeding systems
  • Modular document track
  • Wide range of materials
  • Automated enveolping module
  • Perfection with a system 

Optional equipment

  • Modular feeding systems
  • 4-fold plate fold unit
  • Collector (collecting after folding)
  • Addressing modules
  • Postage meter modules
  • Stitching devices
  • Multiple diverters
  • Code matching
  • Integrity control
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Ethernet interface 



max: 14,000 cycles/h (DL)

max: 10,000 cycles/h (C4/B4)

max: 22,700 cycles/h (autoSET B4 HighFLEX)



min. height x width:

105 x 220 mm (4.13" x 8.66")

max. height x width:

254 x 353 mm (10" x 13.9")

Envelope weight: up to 120 GSM (32 lb. bond)

Thickness of inserts: max. 15mm (.59")



min. height x width:

60 x 175mm (2.36" x 6.89")

max. height x width:

220 x 300mm (8.66" x 11.81")

Paper weight: 60-200 GSM (16-53 lb. bond)

Feeder capacity: up to 4,000 sheets (80 GSM unfolded)

Electrical: Voltage: 3 x 400 VAC