About Us

Mailroom Dynamics Services, LLC was established in 1994 providing quality service of mail processing equipment for the State of California as well as within the private industry. We specialize in swing-arm inserters. We always take the challenge of seeking or building the Best-fit products for the customer's application. 

For many years we have rebuilt the Mailstar500 and the Mailstar775 inserter platforms. Our rebuild inserters, through our network of partners, have been sold not only here in the USA but also in South America and as far as New Zealand. Now we only rebuild Mailstar500 to integrate to our new MRD438Feeder/folder.

Our experience in the industry and our drive to get the “Best-fit” equipment for our customers present us with a challenge to develop our own feeder/folder, the “MRD438."  

The MRD438 is designed, developed, and manufactured in our facility. We developed our own interface and software; the “MRD camera system” which is use in our “MRD438 Feeder/folder to complete the circle; our own “MRD Verification system” to interface to the customer’s database for verification, reports and archiving.

For a few years now we have marketed the MB inserters, the Autoset18, XT and the B4 are truly now proven by our customers to be the most efficient and productive high-speed statement processing inserter in the market. “Customers that own one MB Inserter, tend to get multiples.” It is the most economical high-speed inserters to maintain and some of our customers are maintaining them in house. 

There are more "Best-fit" products coming up in the future. Shortly we will release our MRD Camera Divert Module.